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Bed Bug Dogs To Root Out the Pests

One of the fastest growing methods for inspection of residential and commercial properties for bed bugs is using specially trained bed bug dogs to sniff out exactly where the pests are hiding. Our canine inspection team at Cowboy Pest Management, LLC of Stillwater, Oklahoma, will come to your property for quick and accurate results.

Jace Posing

Benefits Of Canine Detection

Our knowledge starts with our furry friend. If other methods of bed bug removal have failed, turn to us to solve the problem once and for all. While bed bugs easily escape human detection by hiding in small crevices, they are no match for our certified canine detection team.

Detection, Then Extermination

We'll bring our dog, Jace, by your property when it's most convenient for you.. Once bed bugs have been found, our pest control professionals proceed with our effective heat treatment process to eliminate bed bugs once and for all.

Meet Jace

Jace is our certified detection dog that is trained to sniff out bed bugs. He works diligently to find any bed bugs that are hiding in your home or property. Jace, like most dogs, has a highly developed sense of smell that is much greater than humans, making it easier to find the crevices where bed bugs often hide.